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Q: Paternity Leave: Do we count actual working days from 19 Dec 2012 to 1st Jan 2013 (taking into account national public holidays) to determine the number of dates he would need to have covered from paternity leave, or just do we take the number of calendar days (i.e. 13) as the days he would need to have prove to having been off work due to paternity?

For paternity leaves, the extension granted corresponds to the documented time of paternity and/or parental leave actually taken (both full time and part time leaves can be accepted). We take into account the leave duration as stated in the official supporting document signed by the Host Institution/employer, meaning we do follow the practice of the HI/employer.

Please find below some examples to illustrate the possible scenarios:
If the supporting document clearly mentions
•         a duration of 2 weeks of paternity leave, we will extend the eligibility window by 2 weeks;
•         a 25% part-time for 4 months of paternity leave, this will correspond to one month of extension;
•         a duration of 4 days (or 9 days) of paternity leave, we will extend the eligibility window by 4 days (or 9 days).

Please note that If an applicant does decide to submit a proposal and the question of eligibility is not clear cut, an Eligibility Review Committee will be convened to discuss the case and make a decision after the call deadline based on the documentation submitted.
At this stage we cannot provide any decisions on eligibility – only advice.