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-ERC website
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What are typical success rates of ERC proposals?

The average success rate for:
  • Starting Grants (2007-2016) is 9.7
  • Consolidator Grants (2013-2016) is 13.1
  • Advanced Grants(2008-2015) is 13.3
  • Proof of Concept Grants (2011-2015) is 34.6
  • Synergy Grants (2012-2013) is 2.1
You can find the overview on the statistics site of the ERC.
The 2013 Starting and Consolidator grant calls have seen a significant increase in numbers of proposals with a resulting drop in the success rates below 10%. As a means for an increase in success rates, re-submission rules have become more stringent since 2014. Note that the success rates of researchers applying with Swiss host institutions have always been above average.