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Q: What is the eligibility in the case of a Medical Doctor (MD)?

MD degrees are not considered as equivalent to a PhD. To be considered an eligible Principal Investigator medical doctors need to provide the certificates of both basic studies (MD) and a PhD or proof of an appointment that requires doctoral equivalency (i.e. post-doctoral fellowship, professorship appointment). Additionally, candidates must also provide information on their research experience (including peer reviewed publications) in order to further substantiate the equivalence of their overall training to a PhD. In these cases, the certified date of the MD completion plus two years is the time reference for calculation of the eligibility time-window (i.e. 4-9 years past MD for the StG, and 9-14 years past MD for the CoG). For medical doctors who have been awarded both an MD and a PhD, the date of the earliest degree that makes the applicant eligible takes precedence. These rules are statet on p. 60 of the Work Programme 2018.