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Q: can I transfer the costs of the Additional Equipment to another cost category?

The additional funding for major equipment can be used ONLY for the objectives for which the additional funding was awarded and transfers to another budget category are not allowed. In other words, any EU funds paid out in the context of an ERC which covers costs beyond the maximum of EUR 2.500.000,00 (for a period of 5 years) for an AdG must relate to the objectives for which the additional funding may be awarded. Therefore, “paying salaries” would not be one of the reasons why additional funding may be awarded.

Q: Would I be eligible to apply for an AdG 2018, whereas I am involved as coordinator in a Synergy proposal submitted in November 2017 (SyG-2018). What happens should that grant get funded?

Indeed, if you submitted to the SyG-2018 as PI, and if your proposal is eligible, you are not eligible for the ERC AdG 2018, as this call is under the same WP. The AdG proposal would be declared as ineligible and not be evaluated. 

Q: I applied to CoG but not successfully. Now I realized that if taking into account her children I can apply to StG. Is this possible for the next application?

Yes, You can still apply for a StG. 

Q: "authority to publish as senior author and invite as co-authors those who have contributed substantially to the work", what does it mean?

It means just  that the PI will have the right to publish independently as a senior author and decide “freely” – according to a real contribution- who should appear as co-authors. This is of particular importance in Starting Grants, as they may feel the “pressure” from former supervisors when publishing results.

Q: Can ask for an extension of my ERC Project?

Requests of extension must be done after the mid-term report and up to 6 months before the end date of the project. The maximum extension granted is 12 months and the reasons “valid” for allowing such extension are:

1. Maternity or long term leave of PI
2. Scientific reasons

As far as we know ERCEA won’t allow extensions for other reasons, such as problems with the host institution or late recruitment of the staff. You first inform the PO and then he/she guides you through the process.

Q: Can I use special characters in the acronym of the project?

Special characters are not recommended for the acronyms. The main reason is due to IT compatibilities. ERCEA are using different data stores and IT systems throughout the evaluation process, and they are afraid that superscript would not be recognised and properly represented.
We therefore do not advise applicants using such characters.

Q: ERC CoG 2018: When will be the dates for the interview step 2?

Around two weeks after the Step 1 Panel Meetings, the ERCEA are sending a first communication to applicants who passed to Step 2 of the evaluation (this should be in June 2018). In the letter that they receive, it is indicated the exact dates of the week in which they are supposed to be interviewed and it is asked that they keep this week free.
In case the applicant cannot come to Brussels on this particular week, the alternative is to organise a videoconference. Since Panel Members are only invited to Brussels for one week (all the proposals of one panel are evaluated in one week), it is not possible for the applicant to be interviewed on another week.

Q: Synergy grant: Do I have to submit my proposal to a dedicated panel, similar to the Starting, Consolidator, and Advanced Grants?

No, the structure of the panels is not pre-defined and will be decided dynamically in relation to the proposals received. The Synergy Grants are evaluated in three steps after a single submission of the full proposal. At each step the structure of the panels may be re-configured to care for best expertise. The evaluation is based on the expertise of 80 panel members and chairs.

Q: Do all PIs of a Synergy project need a letter of commitment from their host institutions?

Only the Corresponding PI has to provide a letter of committment of his/her host institution, listing the other participating PIs.

Q: Do all the PIs of a Synergy project have to be at the same host institution?

No, there is no rule which says that all the PIs have to be from the same host institution. It is more important to show that the group of PIs is exactly the one which will lead to the expected "breakthroughs". From a practical point of view, this also needs to be reflected in the working arrangements which are part of the evaluation criteria.

Q: What are the re-submission rules for the Synergy Grant?

The Scientific Council intends to apply the following restrictions:
A SyG-proposal which was evaluated as category B at step 1 or step 2 for the call 2018 may not submit a SyG for the call 2019.
A PI whose SyG-proposal was evaluated as category C at step 1 for the call 2018 may not submit a proposal to any ERC grant calls 2019 or for SyG call 2020.

Synergy Grant: Are the evaluation panels the same as in the Starting and the Advanced Grants?

No, the panels are not pre-defined. Approximately 80 panel members and chairs will form the step 1 panels, in step 2 the same panel members will be grouped into 5 panels to ensure the best expertise. In step 3 (interview panels), the panels might again be reconfigured for the best expertise for the proposals. So the whole process is quite dynamic and fully depends on the content of the proposals received.

Q: How many Synergy grants will be awarded?

The perspective is to fund 25-30 projects for the call 2018 for grants to a maximum of 10Mio Euros for 6 years.

Q:How many proposals were evaluated for which grant in which year ?

There is a statistics tool available on the ERC website in the section “Projects & Figures”/"Statistics". This is the  direct link .
You can retrieve any ERC related statistics using this tool. You can sort and filter data according to funding schemes, call year, domain/panel and/or by country of host-institute. To retrieve success rates you can distinguish between evaluated projects and granted projects. Data is exportable as graph and/or csv format.
The statistic tool on the ERC Website is currently under construction with some features not yet in place!